The Esports Hour/Almost Esports Famous 
Originally a CS:GO podcast for the RealSport platform, my weekly podcast with fellow co-hosts Mads Mygind Pedersen and Nick Farrell took flight after some successful early episodes. 
Some of our guests included: Duncan "Thorin" Shields, Anders Blume, and Dustin "dusT" Mouret and for a time we had a title sponsor ( Unfortunately, we all grew busy and were unable to keep up production of the podcast which led to it falling dormant. 
During its peak, we saw surprisingly good listenership with a global audience, and before we retired the brand we renamed it to The Esports Hour with intentions of covering more than CS:GO. I still own the rights to the brand and would love to find the podcast a home in the future. 

After a long hiatus, I decided to revive the project with new co-hosts Blaine Polhaus and Sage Datuin. Creating content is not easy, but podcasting is something that comes naturally and I hope that the podcast can reach new heights in 2022. 

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