I was a videography intern for the Mt. Pleasant, SC based non-profit Going Places during the fall-winter semester 2019. I mainly worked on their Instagram and Facebook accounts creating a 60 second interview series with local small businesses supporting their Giving Day fundraising contest. 
I filmed all the content on location for the Giving Day video series, and edited footage from their Halloween costume giveaway to use for future fundraisers. 
Erin Kienzle - Low Country Live Host
The first video we produced for the Giving Tuesday series was with Low Country Live host Erin Kienzle. Ironically our first take was our best take and I was really happy with how the overall project came out. 
Editing individual videos took about 20-30 minutes depending on: how many takes we needed, if we interviewed multiple employees, and how much creative editing I might need to meet the under 60 second requirement for Instagram. 
Creating content for Instagram requires a bit of innovation because all videos were shot with a dSLR in landscape while Instagram videos are consumed in a portrait orientation. While shooting, Adobe updated Premiere Pro and made exporting portrait friendly videos easier which helped to streamline my workload. 
All in all we filmed nine interviews, used eight, and smashed our goal for fundraising. 

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